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Our Story

Once upon a time a little girl’s dream came true - her perfect man proposed and a wedding was on the cads! That little girl was me, the founder of White Meadow and here's my story. 

It all began with a dream..

Sustainable bridal fashion? Heck yeah!

White Meadow was born from a bride’s desire to create unique quality gowns for a modern day wedding with a realistic budget, each White Meadow creation is custom-made in Australia with love and sold directly to style obsessed brides with big dreams.

It started with a conversation among friends, many of them were about to make the most exciting commitment of their lives - tying the knot. Savyy shoppers, fashion conscious and well travelled, they were growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of options when it came to arguably the most important dress they'd ever wear. After getting tired of seeing the same design with an oversized price tag over and over, they had to start a revolution!

White Meadow Love Warriors

Giving you the best possible start in married life.

Our team are on a mission to provide loved up humans all over the world with the best possible start in married life. That is why they create beautiful timeless designs that are as unique and stunning as the brides who opt to wear them. You get a quality made designer gown but you pay a fraction of the cost for it, which means you have more in your pocket to spend on your honeymoon and other things.

The Memories

Functional and Comfortable does exist.

Designed for brides looking for something different, beautiful and functional, our range is full of options you can mix and match, and many can be worn again long after your wedding day!  

We are big believers in the process of looking for The One to be just as important and we make it  an enjoyable one. Finding the perfect dress for your wedding day can seem like a daunting task at times. We get it, we’ve been through it and we are here to offer you a relaxed, enjoyable and stress-free experience to share with your tribe!


Opting for a White Meadow Dress means you are looking to step away from the tradition and seek to create a one of a kind wedding day that reflects your epic personality. We really believe that whether you seek a beautifully unique day, or you are cost conscious – what you really want is to have a magical time with your nearest and dearest, and to have those extraordinary memories with you forever.

About the Founder

Some little girl's dreams do come true.

Natasha's love of fashion began at an early age as she watched and learnt many forgotten crafts from her favourite grandmother. Playing with dolls was replaced by making dresses for them and soon a decade long career in Fashion spanning across 3 continents had followed. Specialising in intimate apparel, making the leap into bridal proved a natural progression. The first ever White Meadow dress was designed for my very own wedding day ❂

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