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How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Headpiece

Guest Post by Sarah Dobson of Purdy in Bloom

Your bridal hairpiece might be small, but it can pull your whole look together.

Your bridal hairpiece might be a small accessory, but it has the power to pull your entire look together and finish it off. We know every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day, and sometimes you can get “analysis paralysis” from all the decisions you have to make.

So with that in mind, I’ve come up with a simple guide to help you choose the perfect hairpiece for your big day.

Pic credit: Victoria Novak

Decide on your hairstyle FIRST

It’s much easier to fit a headpiece to your hairstyle than trying to find a style that will suite the headpiece. Your hairstyle determines the kind of hairpiece that will work well with your overall look.

If you’re having a bun, whether it’s high and tight or low and loose, a large hairpiece or a tiara might take over, but a dainty accessory will work better. On the other hand, if you have long thick hair that will be worn out loose, a small hairpiece will get lost, so you can afford to go with something bigger and bolder.

If you’re getting your headpiece custom made, make sure you book your hair trial early, decide on a style and leave enough time for your bespoke headpiece to be made.

Go crazy with selfies!

Take lots of photos of your hairpiece with the hairstyle you’re going to have, from as many angles as you can (get help from a friend if you can’t reach behind your head!).

See how it looks close up and from a distance, and make sure you’re happy with the style of headpiece and placement in your hair. It needs to be seen to be appreciated, so this is where you can see the overall effect your headpiece has on your look.

Match your hairpiece to your dress

If your wedding dress has lace patterns or embroidery elements, it looks beautiful when you match your headpiece to the gown. When I’m designing a headpiece, I’ll often incorporate elements of the dress into the headpiece design to tie all the features in together.

Boho and free spirited brides would be more suited to flower crowns and wreaths, leather pieces in rich metallic, or flowers that have been hand painted in soft pastel colours. And those Gatsby inspired silk satin gowns would suit a bit of bling, small delicate flower pieces, or pieces with crystals and netting.

Think about your jewellery and other accessories

Your hair accessories are designed to complement and enhance your overall look, not take over, so think about what else you’ll be wearing.

Will you be wearing big earrings and a necklace? If you are, keep your headpiece away from your jewellery or your look can become too busy. A small, dainty hairpiece at the back of your head would work best. If your jewellery is delicate and understated, you can afford to choose a bigger and more elaborate hairpiece.

What about your hair colour?

Consider you hair colour. If you have dark hair, anything sparkly, bright and shiny will stand out beautifully, as will flowers of a pale colour. Soft pink shades work beautifully with blonde hair. Light hair is also a great base for darker embellishments such as navy blue ribbons, or anything gold in colour. An example is a bride I recently worked with who had a black and white theme for her bridal party. She loved the idea of black leather leaves, however I encouraged her to change to white leather, since all of her bridesmaids had dark hair. The black would have been lost, but the white stood out and really complemented their dresses.

The shape of your face

Your face shape is another thing to consider. If you have a long, thin face, avoid crowns and anything that will add too much height and length to your face. Instead, headbands, combs and pins will suit you. If you have a round face, a headpiece with height will add length to your face. My ‘Cora” piece is a hydrangea headband that looks like a flower crown, and will add the length you need. For square faces, just about anything will suit you, so choose a headband, flowers, comb or pin. Remember… …this is just a guide. There’s no right or wrong, so if you like it, go ahead and wear it, particularly if it’s a sentimental heirloom hairpiece. What’s important is that you love it and it makes you happy. Key trends right now are gilded metal crowns (think Viktoria Novak), pretty flower wreaths and chains such as those seen at Versace, and nature inspired pieces that are reminiscent of wheat, coral and floral stamens. And if you can’t find anything you like, why not consider a custom made piece that matches your dress, hair and wedding theme. Get in touch with Sarah for a free design consultation. Know someone else getting married soon? Share this to help guide them!

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