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Wedding Styling Inspiration from Etc. Event Styling

Lauren Pool is a creative genius and the founder of Etc. Event Styling. In this issue, we get to ask Lauren all the Do’s and Dont’s in your planning and styling journey. Enjoy Xx

You must see so many beautifully styled weddings on a weekly basis, what is your favourite part of the job? Oh gosh. There is inspiration absolutely everywhere. Just take a look at my phone full of screen shots & pages upon pages of notes!

My favourite part of the industry comes in three stages. Firstly, honestly meeting so many great people. From clients and their guests, to venue managers/owners, and extended vendors. Every body has a story to tell and I love their uniqueness and genuinely just getting to know them.

The second favourite thing, is then designing a wedding that reflects these attributes and making them go, ‘Wow’. Having our clients so excited for their day is the best feeling. Especially when wedding planning can be an overwhelming task for them.

And lastly, when the final candle is lit, the tables checked over half a dozen times and Brodee (our photographer) is shooting all the lovely details of the room; we stand back and just exhale. Months and months of planning, ordering, designing, countless emails, meetings & phone calls and hours of installation all come down to that moment when you step back and take it all in. With Hi fives and group hugs to follow of course!

Do most brides come to you with a venue and a dress locked in and in your opinion, does that make it easier to create a theme for their wedding day? Most Brides do have a venue already in mind, however some come to us looking for assistance to find the perfect location for them. Which is so much fun!

Wether you’ve already selected your venue, or are yet to find the perfect place; this doesn’t necessarily alter the ability to design a concept. It just takes viewing things from a different perspective and maintaining a great report with the venue.

In terms of the dress, most Brides are yet to visit boutiques before they come to us. We love referring them to our favourite boutiques and hearing how they found their perfect dress!

Is there a common styling don’t that you would share with us? 🙂 Pinterest is brilliant. BUT, in our experience, there can be a fine line between Inspiration and Over the top.

My tip, less is more. Don’t feel you have to cram all your ideas into one concept. Step back, work through your options and keep things seamless and simple.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that tables will have glassware, crockery & sometimes share-plates so these spaces fill quite quickly once your guests are in the space.

Chatting with your planner or stylist can help immensely as they can offer alternate suggestions,

and take sizes & proportions into consideration when designing areas of your wedding.

There has been a big trend towards rustic country weddings for some time now, what are your couples loving at the moment ? Yes there certainly has. Gone are the days of hessian runners, recycled materials & vintage crates.

Now we’re starting to see a more modern/chic style coming into trend. Simple & seamless styling, lots of candle light and oversized blooms.

Handcrafted stationary, beautiful dyed silks and textured linen are also a big trend. Couples are really wanting to treat their guests, making it a day hard to forget!

Do you have a favourite time of the year for tying the knot? Definitely. It would have to be late September/early October.

Here in chilly VIC, the weather is warming up and everyone is naturally in good spirits when the sun is out. It’s not too hot, and not too cold and is the beginning of the wedding season which means you get to set the bench mark for all the other weddings (wink)

Plus my favourite flowers are Ranunculas and this is the only time of year they’re available!

One cost-saving tip to our brides: Many assume wedding planner = life long debt. BUT time and time again we see clients that say they wish they just had someone to help take care of everything.Unfortunately it can be a anxious time and our goal at Etc, is to burry this myth of wedding = stress.

You must get along with your planner, so meet & greets are a must and if the shoe fits, it is going to be a truly fun experience. Having a planner doesn’t mean you get to miss out on the tastings, style choices or vendor meetings, it is simply someone to act as your Wedding PA and be there when you really need that non-biased opinion or last minute alteration. Planners help track budgets and you are more guaranteed to get value for money, rather than sourcing/making/ordering everything yourself.

Great friendships have been formed with previous clients of ours and hearing how much fun, the whole journey was, not having to set things up themselves the day before the wedding and how they got to sit back and enjoy the time with their bridal party is what makes us love our job.

Everyone should know this: Everyone should know what your wedding day is truly about. Don’t ever lose sight of why you are about to say I Do. Remember to take time out for yourself, do the things you love, and spend quality time with your partner. Don’t allow the planning to consume you -set aside a designated day for planning and know you can still enjoy everything that is just as important to you afterwards.

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