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Elopement Inspiration From Real Couples

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Blue Mountains Wedding
James White Photo

Let's face it, weddings and the way we know them have pretty much been non-existent in 2020. Starting with severe drought killing anything green and lush looking for your photographs, followed closely by bush fires in Australia in November 2019 causing some couples to change venues with weeks to spare. Then COVID hit, as if brides and grooms haven't suffered enough already! But as one wise person said, Love is not dead, Love conquers all. And so we soldier on.

Turns out brides and grooms of today are so resilient and in the end who's to say that we are not better off for it. Think about it, if you scrap having a big wedding, you have much more cash to play with. Some choose to live it up like kings (why wouldn't you!), others opt for a low key affair and pocket those pennies to do something meaningful with. In any case, the way we see it, is a win-win!

A lot of White Meadow couples were eloping before this year, it may just be our way of thinking, living it all up every day, not just on your wedding day! So, here are some pearls of wisdom from our team as well as some of our past brides for your consideration:

Same Sex wedding Blue Mountains
James White Photo

Eloping means you get to make your own rules. Invite no-one or anyone, you get to write your own story and it's going to be an epic one! Many people would tell you otherwise, however why wouldn't you invite your parents if you choose to. Or why wouldn't you have a celebration with your chosen crew.

Destination or Staycation, it's all the same in Covid times.

It's understandable if getting on an airplane gives you the creeps right now, there's been brides who pulled off amazing pop-up weddings in their local park, with a picnic and a free flowing French to go with it. At the end of the day, we really believe that it's not the budget size that makes your wedding day special, rather a thought and attention to all the things important to you and your beau.

Don't forget the Legalities

There's an upside to eloping in your own country - you can avoid the oh-so gruesome local Registry. If you travel overseas to wed, often the ceremony isn't legally binding, which means you need to have one locally before you depart. It's not a sexy place from what we gather, quote the opposite, but if you must then we suggest you take it light-heartedly and get the job done!

It still takes some planning to Elope smoothly

There are plenty of companies out there if you are keen to outsource this kinda thing, there are planning apps and checklists everywhere if you look and the feedback has been much the same from everybody we speak to: "Although having an intimate wedding/ elopement wasn't what we originally planned, It was better than anything we could have ever imagined and wouldn't change it for the world!"

You Can include everyone - virtually !

My husband and I recently attended our fabulous uncle's 60th surprise party from our bedroom in Sydney in Australia at 4am. He was in New York and we were on Zoom. Technology has played the biggest wonderful part in this new post-Covid world and we are happy to embrace it. We strongly suggest appointing someone to drive your device to make sure everyone is connected and included not to miss out.

The photos will be forever. Whatever you do, make sure that you have someone really really good documenting the day. It pays to put some thought into your photographer as they need to get you as a couple, you need to work together and all be on the same page about the general feel you're going for. You only will get one chance at it, so we repeat it again, those photos will be forever.

white meadow Mountains wedding, winter wedding dress,
Our Bride Debs photo by James Frost

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